PCB Merger

In this part I will show my commertial project the PCB Merger, which will be a core for my future business. Obviously I will not go into every detail.

pcb merger

The purpose for this project is to get use of a Sharing Economy, where every customer shares the preparation costs for ordered PCB boards with each others, who PCB boards also fits on the panel. The more customers for the production panel, the lower manufacturing costs.

This program inserts printed circuit boards (PCB) in a production panel with possible smallest waste. Up to 8 different PCBs are possible to be placed on the panel each in its own customer panel. However the best results were achieved with 3-4-5 different types, each in a 1x3 or 2x2 step & repeat.

Actually I work on the upgrade version for this program, where the most work will take over the c++ part. The GUI as Windows Forms implemented in C# will only draw the results on the screen. To be continued..